Libra Signs - How do you express your libra energy?

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There is more to your horoscope than your sun sign. In fact, there is an entire list of planets, signs, and transits that make up your cosmic DNA. This is called your birth chart (get yours here). Some people are exactly like their sun sign, and then there are those who seem to be the complete opposite. When really, there are other positions in the chart that are much more dominant than the sun sign. Even if you do feel very much like your sun sign, there are going to be times when your behavior is more like another sign. Getting to know your entire chart intimately can help to fill in gaps and to better understand all of the parts that make you who you are.

Below is a list of the first seven planets and how they express their energy when positioned in Libra. I’ve included the positive and negative expressions of each planet. Astrology is more than just your personality. There is a shadow, and light side to each sign and each planet and everyone’s evolution is going to be a bit different.

Sun in Libra

Negative expression: Libras seek peace, fairness, and cooperation above all things. So much so, that Libras tend to say or do anything if they believe it will help to avoid confrontation. This may be well-intentioned, and in an attempt to be fair-minded, but it is a form of manipulation. Manipulating others in this way can cause those around you to see you as a doormat. The manipulation is then turned back upon you, and you run the risk of being taken advantage of.

Positive expression: You’re expressing your energy well when you can look at a situation and offer your honest opinion. Being the one to be “unbiased” allows others to come to trust in your guidance; therefore seeing you like the fair and reasonable person you sincerely desire to be… no manipulation or doormats required.

Moon in Libra

Negative expression: Those who have the moon in Libra tend to swallow feelings in an attempt to keep the peace. You may find yourself adapting to other’s ideas of peace and stability instead of acknowledging your own. However, internally, you are expecting others to conform to your ideas of peace even though you have not shared them. This leaves you feeling unsupported and disappointed when others do not attempt to find peace in the same ways you do. Eventually, internalizing can lead to emotional outbursts and others may come to see you as victimizing yourself for attention.

Positive expression: Moon in Libra energy is expressed positively when you can speak up for yourself and to share what being supported in a relationship feels like to you. By doing so, you allow others to meet you in the middle. You no longer feel the need to always be the one to compromise, and others are given the opportunity to support you with a clear direction of how to do so. You will come to realize most people have a genuine desire to support you; they just don’t know how until you teach them.

Mercury in Libra

Negative expression: Those who have Mercury in Libra may hold back their opinions out of fear of rejection. You have a desire for others to regard you as intelligent and understanding but you do not feel free to express your views out of fear that others will disregard or disagree with you. Others may come to see you as the “quiet one” or someone who is not savvy enough to communicate among groups of people.

Positive expression: Your Mercury in Libra energy is well-expressed when you share your opinions openly and honestly. Of course, there will be many times when your view is not well received, but you will find there are many more times when your beliefs are appreciated and lend to an overall sense of balance and harmony. You may find you’re a natural speaker with a flair for diplomacy. Your opinion combined with your persuasive speaking may be just the thing to diffuse a chaotic situation or bring together different kinds of people.

Venus in Libra

Negative expression: Venus in Libra types express their libra energy through relationships. In this case of negative expression, one may find themselves blending into another for the sake of harmony. You will find it difficult to be your true self and will often hold back your opinions, ideas, and beliefs to make your relationships work. This extends to the home as well. You may put aside the things that bring you joy for the sake of keeping the peace. Doing so can lead to resentment and a feeling that your wants and desires are not being taken seriously or that you lack a sense of self-worth. Eventually, you may falsely begin to believe you hold little to no value in your relationships.

Positive expression: Venus in Libra is positively expressed when you feel free to share your beliefs and ideas. Doing so allows others to find common interests you with and to share where they are different. Each person then has something to offer as well as something to gain without feeling as though they are not being represented in the relationship. Therefore your relationships are built on a strong foundation of mutual interests, and you no longer need to do what others want just to avoid a possible confrontation.

Mars in Libra

Negative expression: We know Libras can tend to be manipulating. Here is no different. Here, Libras may unconsciously try to create situations of disharmony as a way to test others. You are looking for specific responses that align with your idea of peace. However, you become disappointed when others do not fit your opinion of the moral standard. Suddenly, you play the victim when others did not treat you in the way you wanted. Your manipulation then leads to alienation. Others will begin to see you as dramatic rather than fair, which was your original goal.

Positive expression: Your energy is expressed positively when you allow others the space to share what it is they want in a relationship. You are open-minded to different forms of harmony and peace. You may even learn a thing or two about diplomacy that you hadn’t considered before. Others can then see you as someone who welcomes new ideas and believes in embracing the thoughts and beliefs of all people.

Jupiter in Libra

Negative expression: As air signs, it is not uncommon for Libras to learn a little bit about a variety of different topics. Likewise, Libras with poorly expressed Jupiter energy tend to learn little bits about family and friends as well. You’d rather learn just enough rather than get to know someone on an intimate level. This may be the case even if you are willing to share ample amounts about yourself. This leads to superficial relationships that will eventually fizzle out. Others also need space to be able to share who they are. You may find it hard to hold onto relationships for long periods of time.

Positive expression: This energy is well expressed when you can get to know people in a much more profound way. You can see people for who they really are and not just who they are on the surface. This will lend to a feeling of support and trust among your relationships.

Saturn in Libra

Negative expression: Here, you are a victim to outdated or misguided beliefs of social norms. You may have decided what it looks like to be a good person or a successful person or an intelligent person. This can lead you to engage in actions that are not true to who you are. You will find it hard to be yourself in social situations because you are always trying to fit into someone else’s mold of social etiquette. Eventually, social situations may seem like a chore rather than spending time with people you love and care about.

Positive expression: There is a sense of integrity when your Saturn in Libra energy is positively expressed. You have good morals and stick to them, despite what others may think. You feel a sense of freedom in expressing yourself, and you can be open and honest about what you like and dislike. You are then able to find people who resonate with you and share in similar beliefs and ideals.

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto all play a role in astrology, but these are outer planets that have more of a generational effect than a personal one. The most significant expression of any sign is therefore expressed through the first seven planets listed above.