Libra Crystals

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Crystals have gotten so popular in recent years. That’s probably because crystals are one of the easiest ways to work with an intention. They’re small, convenient and usually pretty cheap. Below are the crystals that I have found best to represent libra’s energy of fairness, harmony, and relationships.

Rose Quartz
Keywords: love & harmony

Rose Quartz is the most nurturing of all the crystal kingdom. It encourages love of all kinds from intimate love to the the connection between baby and mama. Keep rose quartz on your person to facilitate peace and to have a more even temper throughout the day. When placed in the home, rose quartz helps to facilitate trust, honestly, and compassion. Of course rose quartz can be used to call in new loving relationships; both friendships and intimate partnerships. It is especially ideal for spiritual entrepreneurs who need to bring compassion into one’s business as well as for new mothers seeking support.

Minute Mindfulness with Rose Quartz

Make a simple rose quartz, loving elixir by filling a glass water bottle with cold filtered water. Add a prepared crystal to the bottle and sip throughout the day. Refill as needed. To prepare your crystal, simply cleanse it by running it under cold for one minute or passing it through the smoke of white sage. Dedicate your crystal to an intention such as finding love, creating harmony, or having more compassion. Be sure to cleanse your water bottle and crystal regularly.

Keywords: peace & fairness

Morganite is ideal stone for healing emotional trauma and creating a sense of peace and harmony. It has a gentle energy that heals in a way that is right for your aura and at a pace that doesn’t overwhelm. Meditating or carrying this crystal helps to connect you to the unconditional love of the universe and stimulates self-confidence and self-compassion overtime. It promotes fairness, equality, and brings heart energy into communication. Anyone can benefit from this crystal but it is most ideal for women going through emotional instability and traumatic events.

Minute Mindfulness with Morganite

Hold a piece of morganite (preferably pink or lavender shade) to your heart, close your eyes, then imagine a soft pink light emitting from the crystal. Feel the nurturing and support of your crystal as it holds you in in it’s warm and soothing glow. Allow this light to comfort you for at least one minute or longer if that feels good to you. Repeat this exercise whenever you feel unsupported or unloved.

keywords: awareness and transition

Lepidolite is a natural calming who’s composition includes a mineral that may sound familiar for calming anxiety: lithium. So it comes as no surprise that lepidolite is a natural alternative for reducing depression, stress, and feelings of overwhelm. It’s also an excellent stone to carry during times of transition. It clears away energetic blocks and working with it regularly helps one to let go of self-sabotaging behavior. It opens the crown chakra to create awareness; tapping you into the intelligence of the divine for guidance and personal growth.

Minute Mindfulness with Lepidolite

Make a simple calming oil by adding 20 drops lavender, 10 drops marjoram, and 2 drops chamomile essential oils to a few ounces of vegetable oil (I like almond oil). Store your oil in an amber glass dropper. Before bed, place a few drops of oil in the palm, rub your hands together to gently warm, then brings your palms to a few inches in front of your face and breathe deeply. Take a piece of lepidolite between your hands to cover it in the oil. Place the crystal on top of your pillow and drift off to sleep. The combination of the oils and gem will calm the mind, release tension and promote sleep. Lepidolite is strong. Move it to your nightstand if you wake up feeling drowsy.

Pink Tourmaline
Keywords: gentleness and compassion

Pink tourmaline, or rubellite, is a stone of universal love and high vibrations. It brings heart energy into the mind, helping one to see the world through more loving and compassionate eyes. Typically a heart chakra crystal, it also stimulates the root chakra, connecting the heart with the earth. It connects one with all beings, making you a channel for divine love to flow through you and out into the world.

Minute Mindfulness with Pink Tourmaline

Add a few tourmaline crystals to a white or pink candle, being sure to leave some space between the crystals and the wick. Light your candle and add a few drops of rose absolute or cardamom essential oil to your candle if it is not already scented. Sit in a comfortable position with your feet on the floor. Feel the connection between your feet and the earth below you then close your eyes. Visualize the energy from the crystal flowing to you through your heart. Imagine this energy flowing down through your body and into the earth. Continue to allow it’s healing energy to channel through you for a few minutes or as long as it feels good to you. Let the candle continue to burn as you go about your day. practice safety and do not leave your candle unattended.

Keywords: hope and balance

Girasol aids in open communication and expressing one’s thoughts in a loving and compassionate way. It is a gentle stone that facilitates feelings of joy, happiness, and a more positive outlook on life. It does so by bringing clarity, allowing you to find something positive in your life and situations. Furthermore, it is a stone of restoration. Meditate with this crystal to restore balance and to get an instant lift in vibration.

Minute Mindfulness with Girasol

Girsaol is actually opalized quartz and like clear quartz, it can be programmed to hold a specific intention. Keep a piece of girasol by your bed. Every morning upon waking, hold your girasol in your hands while repeating your favorite affirmation or mantra. Carry your crystal throughout the day to remind you of your intention. You can say a new mantra everyday if you like, however, girasol’s effects are strongest when the same intention is repeated. It will remember your affirmation and help to manifest it into your life.

Keywords: control and unity

Ametrine is a combination of citrine and amethyst, two of the worlds’s most popular crystals. Similar to amethyst, it helps one to overcome addiction and brings one a sense of control. It helps one to overcome patterns of self-defeat and to let go of the compulsion to give into temptation. It also brings together the masculine energy of citrine and the feminine energy of amethyst to create unity and balance.

Minute Mindfulness with Ametrine

They say the best way to get rid of one bad habit is to replace it with a healthy habit such as drinking tea. Amplify this practice by adding a piece of ametrine to your favorite tea blend. doing so will infuse your tea with it’s energy. Simply place it your tea box or canister, then allow it to syngerize for at least for days before brewing your tea.