All About Libra Season

Libra qualities.png

About the zodiac signs

Each zodiac sign has something to teach us. We are all influenced in some way by the energy of each sign even if you do have planetary placements (click here to get your full birth chart) in your chart for a sign. In doing so, you learn how to make best use of a sign’s energy as the sun transits through it once a year. Likewise, becoming more familiar with a sign helps to develop a deeper understanding for the people in your life who are born with their sun in any given sign.

Polarity: Positive
Quality: Cardinal
Element: Air
Planet: Venus
Part of the body: lower back and kidneys
Color: rose, pastels, soft ivories
Gemstones: rose quartz, girasol, morganite, sapphire
Herbs: lilac, mint, flowers of all kinds
Well-balanced energy: lovable, well mannered, charming, and cultured
Poorly balanced energy: ungrounded, manipulative, and dramatic

Libra Energy

Libra is number seven on the wheel of the twelve zodiac signs. This energy is all about partnership, balance, fairness, beauty, and harmony. The whole of the universe works in a series of checks and balances. Every action must have an equal reaction and no sign represents the energy of karma and balance better than Libra.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and harmony. This partnership makes Librans great companions and you can count on them to meditate any dispute between friends and loved ones. Libras may appear to be selfless or like a push over though they are not. They believe in keeping the peace and will do what they can to make sure everyone in their immediate environment is happy.

There is a shadow side to Libra of course, like every other sign. Libra doesn’t care for change or instability. This can cause some Libras to fall into denial, hoping things will simple go away if they ignore something long enough. This can make Libra energy appear to be dramatic, delusional, and indecisive. They also run the risk of manipulating others in the name of "fairness", making them more dictators than justice seekers. Two extreme examples of Libras are Ghandi and Vladamir Putin. One is the epitome of peace, harmony, fairness while the other is the epitome of power trips and manipulation.