Herbal Tea for Mental Clarity


Month of Mindfulness is a series dedicated to creating more awareness in your life. Mindfulness is probably the most important and often used tool in my spiritual toolkit. It can be difficult to make the kind of changes you want overnight but its a lot easier to be aware of what needs to change until you find the courage to act on that awareness. 

Deepak Chopra explains in The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success that "Conscious change is brought about by two qualities inherent in consciousness; attention and intention." You are bringing your attention every time you notice something that needs to be changed. From there, you can set an intention, or a desire to change it. Little steps go a long way as you walk your spiritual journey. You need not walk the path all at once. Keep putting one foot in front of the other, and suddenly you've walked a mile. 

For September, our mindfulness intention is PERSPECTIVE. We all get stuck in our ways and comfort zone. Its easy to keep doing the same things that you know but doing the same things gets you the same results. Changing your perspective of something can help you find new ways of understanding or find new and creative solutions to old problems. Seeing things in a new light also creates clarity. You may find you've missed details by being too rigid in your thinking or failed to consider more valuable options. 

I crafted this tea below to be use whenever I'm brainstorming, need to figure out a problem, or need to get out of my own way. Its crafted using herbs like tulsi and gotu kola for their ability to stimulate mental focus, clarity and to see new and fresh ideas. Give this brew a try the next time you're feeling perplexed or just want to try seeing a new point of view. 

Mental Tea Recipe

1/4 cup + 1 tbls. Gunpowder gree tea

3 tbls Tulsi (holy basil)

2 tbls Gotu kola

1 tbls Hawthorne Berry

1 tsp Ashwagandha 

Orange slices (optional)

Sweetener (optional)

Mix all ingredients, except orange slices together in a ziplock bag or plastic container. Bring 8 oz of water to just before boiling then pour over 1 teas. of tea. Add orange slices and sweetener if desired. Enjoy!

*Bonus tip* Drink this tea while meditating on the Hanged Man tarot card. The energy of this card supports taking a pause to find a new direction or to see things from a new prespective.