Love & Light - Dictionary of Spiritual Terms

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Love & Light. 

You've no doubt heard this term floating around the spiritual community. It's one of those things people say without any real meaning. Kind of like the equivalent of "I'm fine" which doesn't say much at all. Or like adding "sincerely" to the end of an email. It's a beautiful thing to say but do you mean it when you say it?

Love & light is an energetic way of wishing someone well. It's like sending another person feelings of well, love & light. The problem is that the term is entirely overused. It's a wonderful, mini prayer when used in earnest but throwing it out there just for the sake of saying it, diminishes its quality. 

I've found a lot of my friends and acquaintances saying it to someone then turning around and talking about that same person behind their back. I've seen this happen time and time again with people I know and people I meet in passing. This has got to stop. 

"Love and light" should be used sincerely, even if you don't like someone. Before you repeat love and light, consider if you honestly wish them additional love and light. If not, shift your perspective from saying it on default to having a desire to wish them well. Tell yourself that you wish to get to the point where you don't have jealousy, spite, distaste or unkindness towards this person. You're saying love and light with the hopes of softening your heart and changing the lens on your perspective. 

This may seem silly to do, or you may not see how it makes a difference, but your intention is what counts. Saying something by default is hollow but saying something with intention is how you begin to make a change. Being mindful of why you're doing something allows you to 1) better understand yourself,  2) to make better choices going forward and 3) the other person will pick up on your sincerity. Because trust me when I say, people know when your love & light is full of unkindness & bullshit.  

*The Dictionary of Spiritual Terms is a list of terms that are commonly used around the spiritual community. I've had many people ask me what certain words and phrases mean or when is it appropriate to use them. I've also seen many people using words & phrases in a way, in my opinion, is incorrect. I've created this resource to help you to better understand things that may pop up on your spiritual journey. As I mentioned before, this is based on my research but also my opinion. You should always follow your intuition when determining what you believe to be true. 

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