Review: Antique Anatomy Tarot Ephemera Edition


Title: Antique Anatomy Tarot - Ephemera Edition
Author: Claire Goodchild
Publisher: Black and the Moon
Number of Cards: 78
Pages In Guidebook: 4 leaf pamphlet
Card Size: Tarot sized
Where to Purchase:
Top Three Favorite Cards: the wheel, the queen of coins and the queen of elixirs
Why I Bought This Deck...
I've been a fan of Claire for a long time now and have almost every deck she's produced. I love her artwork as I'm a big fan of anatomy illustrations. Maybe it's the Scorpio in me but I love it when skulls and flowers come together. To me, it represents life and death. Death is a result of life but death can also become the fertilizer for more life. That's what I see when I look at these cards. 

The Packaging & Guidebook.
This is probably my least favorite part of the deck. I really have a distaste for paper tuck boxes, however, I just finished not one, but two decks and I can honestly say I understand. It's expensive to produce a deck and the difference between a tuck box and a hard box is astronomical. So I'm making a choice to release this judgment now that I have a better understanding of it. 

The same thing can be said with the guidebook. I like a good luscious guidebook but that may not be everyone's cup of tea. And frankly, there are so many tarot books now that offer a comprehensive look on the tarot. The included leaflet offers a keyword for each of the cards. That won't be enough for a beginner but it's actually ideal for someone looking to trust their intuition more. You'll have to rely solely on what that word means to you which is a great way to wean yourself off reading from the guidebook. 

What I Liked About It...
The artwork is beautiful. I love Claire's semi-minimal style which is right up my alley. The bulk of the illustrations are in black and white and then there are colorful vines and flowers mixed with the black and white. My favorite group of cards would have to be elixirs which would be cups in a more traditional deck. I love the bottles of tonics and healing potions. I've blending up herbal concoctions for going on ten years now. I recognize every single ingredient so it makes it a bit more personal for me. My favorite cards are the wheel, the queen of coins and the queen of elixirs. Other favorites includec ace of rods, page of elixirs, two of elixirs, page of blades, and strength.
I Recommend These Cards For...
I wouldn't say this deck is for beginners just because its abstract and the guidebook isn't in-depth. But its a great deck for someone who's read tarot for a while and is looking to find a richer practice. If you want to develop your intuition further using tarot or if you want to get out of the more familiar symbolism, then this deck is for you.