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Keywords: community, sharing, communication, networking, discernment

In the waxing gibbous phase, we reviewed ourselves for the purpose of making edits to our plan. For the waning gibbous phase, we review ourselves for the purpose of sharing our knowledge. This is the first phase after the full moon. We are just coming off of completion and illumination and now must share what we’ve learned with those around us. This is a time for community and networking. In fact, social events tend to increase during this time and you might even find yourself talking to an old friend or starting a relationship with someone new (important or serious relationships tend to start right at or just after the full moon). It is during this phase that we have the most to offer to another being but that doesn’t mean you have to share everything you know. This phase is as much about sharing as it is about withholding. Now is a good time to practice the art of discernment. 

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People are naturally drawn to each other during this phase because society as a whole has just come from a place of enlightenment. Be sure to share what is needed for the collective consciousness but to also hold back when needed.  Unlike the waxing gibbous, we may want to make edits to our lives but now is not the time to do so. This need to make edits can leave one feeling moody or depressed especially as we move forward into the other waning phases. 

The clarity, awareness and understanding causes changes in the very core of our being and this process is rarely pleasant, especially if you find you did not achieve your goal. Don’t let this period get you down. Instead, spend time with family and friends so that you can focus your energy on the blessing that community can bring. 

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Get Social

I used to hold full moon dinners to bring family and friends together. I found that being with family and friends during the waning gibbous moon makes for better conversation and enlightenment. Consider holding a Waning Gibbous moon event such as a dinner, meeting for coffee or holding a moon book club to encourage sharing knowledge among like minded souls. 

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