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Keywords: completion, illumination, clarity, understanding, endings'

Alas, we’ve reached the height of the moon’s power. This is a time of completion, when all things are coming to a symbolic close. Ideally the goal set during the new moon should be achieved at this point but remember, not every goal can fit into a 2 week time period so don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t find the perfect house in that short amount of time. No matter what, you’ve learned a great deal during this period and something is now being illuminated. Try to think outside of the box when looking at this phase. 

You’ve come into this phase with more than you had at the new moon. It could be something as simple as realizing your intended goal maybe wasn’t for you or perhaps you thought it would be something that can be done quickly only to find out it’s a little more involved. Perhaps you’ve completed your goal just as you expected and are now ready to move on. No matter the circumstance, be sure to find the blessing of working with the moon. There was a lesson here and the universe so rarely works in a literal sense.  Look at every possible way you've grown and make it a point to celebrate your new found knowledge. 

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The full moon is both waxing and waning. The moon begins to wane immediately after reaching its full power which is why it is a moon of both completion and releasing. Something in our life has become illuminated and we are now able to see with clear vision. The thing with light is that it cast shadows and with illumination comes the knowledge that not all things are good for us.Take this period of clarity to see what needs to be released from your life. Perhaps it’s a behavior that kept you from achieving your goal or perhaps you got what you wanted but in your haste, you lost a friend and need to work on your social skills.  Be honest with yourself here and accept whatever behavior, thing or person that needs to be released. Here, we do the new moon exercise but in reverse.

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Releasing Ritual

Like with the new moon, make a list of 5-10 things you feel should be released from your life. This will be a lot harder than the new moon exercise because we as humans naturally resist change but know that you are supported as you make these changes. Once you’ve made the list, sit in meditation (doesn’t have to be hardcore meditation, just a quiet space where you can relax and will not be disturbed). Close your eyes, then one by one, take a few moments to visualize what your life would be without each on of the things on your list. Would you feel like you have more freedom? Perhaps freedom from judgement or resentment? Would you be able to have more nurturing relationships if you let go of some of your own ego and attitude? Perhaps you’ll feel more responsible if you let go of the need to have material possessions that provide fleeting moments of happiness? 

Really sit and think about what you could gain as a result of letting go. By releasing these things, you are making space for your spirit to reach out and grab the things it truly wants. Again, this is tough but the rewards will soon help you move past any resistance or anxiety you feel. 

Now you don’t have to release all of these things at once. In fact, I want you to narrow down your list to the 3 things that will be the easiest to release. It can be as simple as releasing 1 cup of coffee a week or keeping your opinion to yourself 1 time a day. Choosing easy things here allows you to see just how easy it is to let things go and how much better things will get when you do so. 

Now shave off 2 more things and leave yourself with the easiest of them all. That is your releasing goal during the waning period of the moon. 

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