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Keywords: gathering info, making plans, laying a foundation, starting small

The crescent moon moves us into the waxing phases. In fact, crescent comes from the latin word “crescere” meaning to grow or increase. The crescent moon however is much more of a planning moon. This is a period for gathering information and advice before charging ahead. This is one of the more difficult periods because we are full of energy from the new moon and are often anxious to see our goals come to life right away. 

But don’t be so quick to move. This phase of the moon is cerebral, not emotional. This is when you want to get your game plan together and mentally work through your goal. This allows you to map out a plan of action and to get an idea of the challenges involved with your particular goal. Now is also a good time for seeking a mentor or someone who might be able to help you move forward in your plans. Their experiences can help you to be better prepared and they may insight into things you may not have thought of. 


The word to remember here is preparation. Are you prepared to move forward when the time comes? You have the fantasy part of the goal down but what about the details aspect? What is the goal exactly and why do you want it? Really take time to focus on this session to get as clear as possible about your intention. Do you know what it takes to get where you want to go and more than that, will you have a spare tire when the road gets rough? Remember learning about S.M.A.R.T. goals in school? This is the time to put that concept to the test. Write out your goal in detail so that you fully know what it is you want and how you plan to get there. Here is a breakdown of how I use SMART goals with the moon phases. 

Get clear about your intention. What will it look like once accomplished? How will it make you feel? Write out the answers to these questions, focusing on any and every detail. Figure out why this goal gets you excited and daydream until you can’t anymore.

This section is about tracking your goal. Fortunately you have the energy of the moon phases to help you take stock of how far you’ve moved along. However, you still need to get a sense of checkpoints that are specific to your goal. If you want to run a mile, make a plan of how long it should take you to be able to run a ¼ of a mile, ½ of a mile and so on.

 Now that you know exactly what it is that you want, how attainable is it? Don’t think in terms of muggles. We are magical folk and therefore any goal is attainable. Instead, use this section to think about what is needed to MAKE this goal attainable. Perhaps you need to work on a smaller goal before tackling this one? Make a list of the things/skills you have and a list of the things you need.

Do you really want this? This is not to break your spirits but to really identify whether or not this is really important. How much energy do you honestly have to put towards bringing this goal to life? Is the outcome worth the energy you're putting in? I truly believe this section to be most important because, often we have just enough energy to think of the goal but none to get us through taking physical steps and even less to persevere when things don’t go our way. Taking time to establish the importance of the goal from the beginning can save you a lot of time, effort and disappointment down the line. 

How much time do you need to accomplish this goal? Can you achieve it by the full moon? Will it take a month, 6 months or a year? Establishing a sense of time allows you to get clear on what can be accomplished now and what can be pushed off for a while. This is especially important when working with moon energy. Say your goal will take 6 months to complete; you know that you won’t be able to accomplish this all in one moon cycle and that’s ok. In fact, it helps to relieve the pressure of needing to get everything done at once. Break your goal down into smaller goals and save the rest for the coming moons. 

Next Stop... The First Quarter Moon.