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Keywords: strength, determination, concentrations, decision, commitment to action

The First Quarter moon is your time to shine. You’ve dreamed the big dream and have your plan ready to go. You’ve done your research, rehearsed your lines and gone over every detail with a fine tooth comb. Now it’s time to put that planning into action. START MAKING MOVES! This phase also tends to bring up challenges that can create blocks. Action is a chance to have courage in the face of fear. It is a chance to break through your resistance and to move forward. 

Fear is really just an illusion created by ego to keep us standing still. It is the ego that gives us fears, doubts and negative emotions. The ego wants to control everything though change is never really in our control, at least not completely. In the face of action, you might find yourself thinking about all the negative outcomes and ways that this action can be destructive. But what about the positive ones? Every action comes with good and bad but so does every inaction. 

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There is a certain amount of risk with everything that you do or don’t do. Know that you have all you need to take the right risks when you follow your instincts and intuition. No amount of planning or resources can ever prepare you for unexpected challenges. There will always be something that was missed or something you never even thought would be an issue. It could even be that you’ve reached a point in your goal when you aren’t even sure if the effort is worth the end result.

These are all natural feelings that can and probably will come up when trying to create something you know will be amazing. Challenges are something we all must face in life, and you are no exception. That is why holding the vision of your goal is so important. You don’t need to know the solution to the problem just yet; you just need to know your goal is worth whatever problems you may face. 

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Keeping The Vision
Motivational Practice

This phase of the moon can leave one with doubts and fears that paralyze you mentally and emotionally. If this happens, don’t beat yourself up. Instead, do the practice ahead and learn how to channel your doubts and fears into creative energy and how to keep yourself motivated when you’re ready to give up. 

Make two lists; one of your fears and one list of what Henriette Anne Klauser calls the "Outcome of the Outcome." In other words, what additional benefits and opportunities can come to you as a result of staying determined and accomplishing your intention? Will get to that second list in just a bit. 

Take your list of fears and one-by-one, turn each fear into the opposite , actionable emotion. For example, turn “I’m afraid people will judge me” into something like “I will find my true tribe when I follow my heart.” Another example might be turning “I’m just not prepared for this” into something like “This is an opportunity to learn a new skill.” Keep going through your list until you’ve turned every fear into a positive actionable step. Keep your list of actions handy and say them to yourself whenever your fears resurface. Repeat this process every time a new fear threatens to slow you down.

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Now take your list of outcomes. See if you can take your outcomes a bit further by imagining the outcomes of every outcome already on your list. For example, an outcome of buying a home may be a place to raise your future children. An outcome of that outcome may be something to leave your children once you’ve left this Earth. Let’s do one more. An outcome of writing a book could be getting more exposure and an outcome of that outcome could be receiving other business opportunities you hadn’t considered before. 

Get creative and see just how far you can see into the future. Envisioning your goal's effects down the road will help to motivate you when you aren’t sure if the goal is worth if. If you can’t come up with at least two positive outcomes, it may be time to re-evaluate your reasons for wanting this in the first place. 

Next up... The Waxing Gibbous phase.