Review: Black Moon Astrology Cards


Title: Black Moon Astrology Cards
Author: Susan Sheppard
Publisher: Blue Angel
Number of Cards: 52
Pages In Guidebook: 184
Card Size: Oracle Size
Where to PurchaseBlue Angel, Amazon

Top Three Favorite Cards: North Node, Solar Eclipse, Chiron

Why I Bought This Deck...

About a year and a half ago, my Coffee Reader told me I should start studying and working with the stars. I couldn't understand why because I was knee deep into numerology but the funny thing is, she said "the cup says work with the stars, not the numbers, the stars". I'd told her nothing about my interest in numerology so of course that statement piqued my interest. So I started studying astrology, a slow start mind you, but once I started, I was completely hooked. I've always had a better than average knowledge of astrology but my level of knowledge has increased ten fold over the past 18 months. I'm telling you this because tarot is my first love and I look to tarot and oracle cards whenever I want to begin working with a new energy. But sadly, I couldn't find any astrology cards that I genuinely liked. I felt like the ones that I worked with either didn't make sense or were just too broad. Then these came along and I finally had hope of a solid deck with astrology as it's theme... SOLD!

The Packaging.

It's Blue Angel, the end! I kid. For those of you who are unfamiliar with Blue Angel's deck, know that they are probably the most consistently well packaged decks available. The box is ALWAYS sturdy and well put together. The cards are never too hard or too soft and the guidebooks are generally well thought out and full of information, with an exception or two. You just know you're getting good quality packaging when it's coming from Blue Angel. 

The Guidebook

The book is great and full of great information. There are 6 unique spreads that I have used thoroughly. There's a section that breakdowns down the different elements of tarot. It explains the houses, planets, nodes and so on. A lot of times you'll see artist's coming up with clever ways to introduce certain themes into a deck but then they don't explain what they mean which sucks. A prime example of this is the Crystal Mandala Tarot. It would've been nice to have a description of the crystals, sacred geometry and deity but alas, those descriptions were missed. This book however, gives you an overview of each element and then further breaks down the individual parts in the description of each card. Which means you don't need to know anything about astrology to work with this deck. 

The descriptions in the book are on the lengthy side but that tends to be a Blue Angel feature. There is a brief description for each card but I feel you're better served reading the long one. In addition to the description, each card has a quote, key terms and a tarot correspondent. I loved that because astrology plays a significant role in tarot. Each tarot card has an astrological correspondent but that information is almost always omitted in tarot decks. You'll often find astrological symbols somewhere on the cards themselves but so few authors make mention of it in the guidebook. You could use this book as reference for understanding the astrological connection when reading with a regular deck. 

What I Liked About It...

This deck didn't disappoint me. I think this is the best astrology oracle deck by far. The meaning didn't feel forced or overly complicated and it covered pretty much every astrological element I could want. It even included the North and South Nodes, Chiron, all of the houses, Saturn AND Jupiter return, and the eclipses. Those who know astrology will understand why I'm excited about that. Plus, I think this deck makes astrology a bit easier to digest for the beginner. You can simply pull out any card and read the description to get an understanding of that element then apply that to your birth chart. It really does simplify things a lot for those of you who no have idea what any of the different parts of astrology mean. 

What I Didn't Like...

There aren't many things that I don't like. If I had to choose, I would say how lengthy the meanings are and the artwork. But honestly, I don't mind the length of the meanings. I don't always want to read them but there are many times when I've been happy to have a long description to help me get a better understanding. The artwork isn't award winning by any means. In fact, some of them are downright scary but the usefullness of the cards far outway that for me. 

I Recommend These Cards For...

I recommend these cards for anyone who has an interest in astrology and wants to learn more. They are perfectly fine as an oracle deck but I think they become much more valuable when you use them to deepen your knowledge about the stars. At the very least, it can introduce you to more than just your sun, moon and rising signs. 

February 12, 2018