Review: The Moonchild Tarot


Title: Moonchild Tarot
Author: Danielle Noel
Publisher: Indie Published
Number of Cards: 81
Pages In Guidebook: 275
Card Size: oracle sized
Where to Purchase: Starseed Designs
Top Three Favorite Cards: Queen of Wands, King of Wands, Ace of Wands
Why I Bought This Deck...
Many of you will be familiar with the incredibly popular Starchild Tarot Akashic by the same artist. Its been around for many years yet, gets more and more popular by the day. I actually discovered Moonchild on Pinterest before I found Starchild. I went to the website looking to purchase Moonchild but there wasn’t any information about how to purchase or when it would be available so I followed Danielle on Instagram. That was about two or three years ago. I’ve been waiting for this deck for a long time. Earlier this year, Danielle finally made the deck available for pre-order so without hesitation, I added to the cart and checked out.


The Packaging & Guidebook.
The box is STUNNING! Every. Single. Part of this box is covered with some kind of design and you can tell this project was well thought out. The box has a lot of texture on it so its a great experience for the hands as well as the eyes. Plus the box is incredibly sturdy and the book fits inside. It really is gorgeous.

The card stock is lovely. It isn’t quite as thick as my copy of the Starchild Tarot which I’m enjoying. Though with 81 cards and being oracle sized, I’m still finding it difficult to shuffle.

The guidebook is amazing. First off, its in color and the pages have a nice gloss to them. The quality of the guidebook is truly something special and I suspect, this is going to lift the quality of decks across the entire tarot community in coming years. It has spells, a couple of rituals, information on yin/yang energy, and 7 spreads. There’s a lot of information in here that could easily be expanded into a book which I’m sure she will at some point. I have to say, I’m really impressed and pleasantly surprised by how thorough and well done this deck is.


What I Liked About It...
My favorite part is the inquiry section. There are a couple of journal prompts for each card. I have a personal list of journal prompts for each card of the tarot so it’s nice to see someone else offering a similar practice. Its really given me some new perspective on old cards and ideas that I hadn’t thought of before.

I also love the color of the artwork. Starchild is more pinks, purples, and blues. Its very feminine and while beautiful, it really isn’t my vibe. This one still has a lot of blue, pink, and purple elements but the overall color is much more grounded thanks to a delicious amount of golds, silvers, and browns. Its soothing yet still has that cosmic feel we’ve all come to know and love from Starchild. Aside from that, I love the addition of the extra cards: Shadowwork, Divine Wisdom, and Moonchild.

I Recommend These Cards For...
This deck is certainly a bit more complicated than your average beginner deck but in a good way. There is a lot of information that expands beyond the regular new and full moon word vomit running around the spiritual community. It may be a moon deck but it feels like more than that. It’s an explorative deck that can help one drop deeper into the connection with the universe. It’s almost like a Spirit Guide, waiting to take your hand to show you a long and rich path to a lot of growth and healing. I think this deck is perfect for anyone seeking a deeper understanding and commitment in one’s spiritual practice.

How I Plan To Work With This Deck
I’m still waiting for the answer to this question. I haven’t felt called to work with it yet. Something tells me I’ll be ready for it around springtime or maybe even summer of next year. I’m spending a lot more time working with earth energy these days and putting the cosmic, starseed energy aside for a while. I’ll update you when I find my groove with Moonchild.