Review: The Spirit Animal Oracle


Title: The Spirit Animal Oracle
Author: Colette Baron-Reid
Publisher: Hay House
Number of Cards: 68
Pages In Guidebook: 204
Card Size: wide, oracle sized
Where to Purchase: Colette’s Website, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Hay House
Top Three Favorite Cards: Antelope Spirit, Bee Spirit, Panther Spirit
Why I Bought This Deck...
There are a few oracle/tarot authors who I will buy from no matter what deck is being offered. Colette Baron-Reid is one of those authors and she is everything, literally everything, I aspire to be as an oracle and tarot deck author. I have found every single one of her decks to be exactly what I needed upon receiving it. So of course, when I saw this deck, I added it to the cart and checked out.


The Packaging & Guidebook.
I have many decks you guys, and I’ve been buying decks from Hay House for years. They’ve always had really nice boxes but this past year, they’ve really stepped it up. They’ve switched to a matte finish, with many of the boxes now having magnetic closures. I’m truly impressed with their recent packaging. That’s saying a lot considering I’m at about 150 decks and counting.

The card stock is a similar matte quality that’s very similar to Starchild Tarot Akashic. You’ll know what I mean if you have this deck. However, the card stock for Spirit Animal Oracle is thinner than the Starchild deck which I really like. I know a lot of people love that ultra thick card stock but I have small hands so it’s a challenge for me to shuffle Starchild. This deck however, shuffles to perfection. It’s thick enough to be durable but thin enough to get a great shuffle.

The guidebook is nice and thick in true Colette fashion. It a few spreads. That would be the one thing I would complain about; I wish more spreads were included. I say this because spreads really helped me when I first started reading. Also, no one knows the energy of a deck better than the author. Tailoring spreads to be used with the cards, in my opinion, helps one to better understand the energy of the deck.

The messages are wonderful and I find them to be aligned with what I know about animal energy which I’ve studied off and on for years. Animal medicine was one of the things that resonated with me at the beginning of my spiritual journey and will always have a place in my heart. The cards I’ve pulled so far have been spot on.

What I Liked About It...
As I mentioned before, animal medicine is at the very foundation of my spiritual practice. Lately, I’ve been exploring shamanic practices and have felt a deep stirring to pursue this path. I don’t believe in coincidence nor do I believe it’s anything short of divine timing to have received this deck just as I’m about to embark on many years of shamanic study and practice.

What I love most about the deck is the inclusiveness. There are 68 cards which is a lot for an oracle deck. I have a few animal energy decks and many of them tend to stick with the basics like owl, wolf, bear, deer, lion, fox, butterfly. Those are great and certainly have their place in animal healing, but there are so many other animals that are deserving of respect as well. There are more unusual animals (by that I mean less talked about when it comes to spirit animals) such as porcupine, mouse, sandpiper, white raven, armadillo, ant, skunk, squirrel, and turkey. This makes me very happy to see and I can’t wait to explore all of them.
I Recommend These Cards For...
I think this oracle is ideal for anyone; beginner and advanced alike. It’s a great way to learn animal energy if you’re unfamiliar or to get to know some new fury and feathered friends if you’ve studied animal energy for a long time.

How I Plan To Work With This Deck
Of course I’m going to use the deck in the traditional tarot sense but, I can’t wait to use it as a meditation deck. I’ve already selected my October deck for my daily pulls (The Mystical Shaman Oracle which is also by Colette) but I plan to work with this one for November. I’m really looking forward to sitting with each card for at least 20 minutes to infuse myself with each animal spirit. I’ve also bought a second one to use as altar cards. I plan to place them around the dozens (i’m not kidding) of altars I have around my home.