The Aquarius Home


Aquarians are the humanitarians and originators of the zodiac. They’re free spirited, unique and outgoing. Some might say aquarians push the world forward. that's probably because they rule all things futuristic and modern. They love to be unique and pride themselves on being different. An Aquarian home should be an outward manifestation of their unique style and vision. 

Aquarius folk need a home that is quirky and trendy, just like them. Their home should be a symbol of their utopian vision; featuring all things new and cool. This is not the home for antiques, muted colors or aged materials. Opt for vibrant colors, interesting shapes, strong pieces and lots of artwork from a new, up and coming artist. 

Start With Bright Walls

Moody, dark walls just aren't your style. You need colors that encourage fun, frivolity, and character. Try pure white walls with an unexpected accent wall in shades likes salmon, teals, bright purples or electric blues. 

Go For Strong, Durable Pieces

As an Aquarius, you probably have lots of friends and therefore, lots of traffic. Be sure to pick materials and fabrics that can handle your social lifestyle. Choose hardwoods or even better, concrete that can be cleaned with ease (and all natural products because obviously you're doing your part to save the planet!). Choose furniture with personality that's as big as yours. Go for bright colors, unique shapes and big clean doors and windows that let in a lot of light. Don't be afraid to focus on a big focal point like an oversized fuchsia sofa or custom glass coffee table. 

Mix Materials

Keep your space light hearted and interesting by mixing a variety of materials. Go for glass, metals, woods, colorful tiles and tinted clays. Try using big light fixtures that are works of art in their own right or huge fishtanks filled with bright fish from around the world. Then add lots of plants that keep the air clean (you are an air sign after-all) and inviting. 

Add In The Weird

You aren't weird, just ahead of your time. You know talent when you see it and you usually see it before anyone else. Accent your home with artwork from that undiscovered street painter or from your favorite Etsy glass blower. Select pieces that represent your political, social or economical views; they double as conversation starters. And don't forget strong sculptures, statues, unique vases, bowls and pieces that are just fun to look at. 

Above all, don't be afraid to mix and match. The more of your personality the better. 


*All photos found via Pinterest. Please contact if you have information about photo source and credit.