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Keywords: New Beginnings, fresh starts, optimism, hope, faith

The new moon or dark moon is when the moon isn’t visible in the sky. This darkness represents going into the void, the shadow, the unknown and the abyss. This empty space is where all things live and is the true source of creative power. You can think of the dark moon as a blank canvas from which your imagination can run wild. That is why the new moon is the time for setting intentions. Here, we are able to look at our goals with a childlike wonder. 

This period of time supports visualizing and is a great time to expand your mind. Use this time to dream without thinking about the limitations of life. What do you want to create in your life? What goals do you want to manifest? Think BIG, in fact the bigger the better. Think as though you had a magic wand that would grant you your every wish no matter the cost or energy required. 

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The new moon can also be a time of great discomfort. For some, dreaming up the unimaginable is the greatest joy in life but for others, the thought of moving onto something new and different is a daunting task. The dark moon can have an empty quality and might make you want to retreat into yourself. Don't fight this urge as it is your spirit telling you to be quiet and still. 

Take this time to turn inward to listen to your inner self if that is what you are called to do. Doing so will allow you to hear what needs to come forward in your life. Just because the new moon supports intentions doesn't mean you have to set one. One of my favorite things to do during the new moon is to simply be still. Just being at pause and accepting where I am without feeling the need to change anything. Many people think you have to hear or see something in meditation for it to have meaning but sometimes, the darkness and silence can say more than anything else. Find comfort in your silence and remember there is always another new moon just a few weeks away. 

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New Moon Visualization Ritual

Make a list of 5-10 intentions or goals. Again, think as big as possible, letting go of any limitations or reasons why your goals can't be accomplished. Place this list somewhere in plain sight, where you can see it often throughout the day. You may even want to make copies of it to keep in various places. Visualize the intentions on your list. Think about what your intention would feel like if you were to achieve it. What would it look like and what other positive experiences could come from this achievement? Again, don't think about the limitations. I can’t stress this enough.

Right now is the time to truly embrace the impossible. Continue to visualize the goals on your list for the next 2 days (starting on the day of the new moon). At the end of the second day, make a note of the 3 goals that make you the most excited; the ones that really spoke to your heart. Now out of the 3, select the goal that makes you the most excited of all. Whichever goal really excites you is the one you should focus on this moon cycle. Be sure to store the other 2 goals away for another time.