What Exactly, Is A Spiritual Home?


Alright guys, I'm going to talk about my other brand a lot because The Spirit Guides wouldn't exist if it weren't for that brand. When I started MPC, I did it in secret and as an experiment if you will. I only posted about it on Instagram and was careful not to include my name or any other details that would tie it to me. I wasn't ashamed or anything, I just wanted to see if the idea of a spiritual beauty brand could work without the pressure of having to explain my vision. So I launched this brand in secret (I told my mother the morning I launched it and everyone else about two weeks later) and it did pretty darn well. I had several orders on the very day I launched the website and it's continued to grow ever since. 

Now you may be wondering what a spiritual and ritualistic based beauty brand has to do with the spiritual home? You see, MPC isn't really a beauty brand anymore. I still sell beauty products certainly but over the past year, people have come to me about all things spiritual. I've gotten every question you can imagine. Questions about tarot books for beginners, how to connect more to your higher self, how to incorporate spirituality into an exercise regime, how to eat spiritually, and of course, how to bring spirituality into the home. 

You see, MPC has somehow become this representation of living a spiritual lifestyle and soon, you'll see this reflected in the brand. I've taken a lot of time over the past few months to evaluate the needs of my audience and I realize, what people seem to want is a lifestyle brand for spiritual living. So I started asking myself, "what exactly is a spiritual lifestyle?" What does spiritual living look like and what would you need to accomplish that way of life? 

I broke down each area of my life (using the Level 10 Life as my guide) to pinpoint what I think makes these areas spiritual. I wanted to fully understand the concept of spiritual living and how you too, can live a spiritual lifestyle. One of the most challenging areas I've faced is the spiritual home. After all, a home in and of itself isn't spiritual or unspiritual. So what can you do to feel like your spirituality is being honored in your living space? 


I believe spirituality in the home is about three things:

- Bringing the outdoors in to find a deeper, more consistent connection to Earth.

- Creating a peaceful atmosphere that uses the energy of elements to feel completely at ease, nourished and supported inside your personal space.

- Acknowledging the energy in all things by honoring and respecting your belongings. 


Bring The Outdoors in

Part of spirituality is finding a deeper connection with mother earth and feeling rooted. There is a lot of emphasis on connecting with the higher self in the spiritual community but it is also important to bridge the gap between the higher self and the self that lives in a physical world. We tend to look for "spirit" in meditation or connecting to the spirit realm but let us not forget, everything in this world is a product of energy. We can find "spirit" right in our environment by acknowledging and surrounding ourselves with the beauty naturally available to us.

You can bring the outdoors in through the materials of your home and arranging them using the earth as a guide. We don't all have the luxury of having big dramatic windows in front of a stunning view of mother earth. But we can decorate our apartments and homes using materials that come from and are inspired by nature. When possible, look for real woods, natural fabrics and pieces with imperfections. When that is not possible, look for faux pieces that still look natural. Find a mix of new pieces with old, vintage items that are a bit rusted, worn or one of a kind. Select things that have colors that can be found in nature. Think all shades of greens, blues and browns mixed with with colors of a sunset, sunrise or a dramatic stormy sky. 


Next, look to nature when it comes to arranging things. Nature isn't perfect or symmetrical. Every tree in the forest has it's own distinct shape and personality. Purposefully mismatch your pairings. Put tall and short pieces together to build layers. For example, you might follow the pattern of a sunset over the ocean by pairing a short dark blue candle, with a medium rusted orange candle and a tall gold candle. Or choosing one or two chairs in a distinctly different wood than your dining room table. No matter what, be authentic to what you truly like. Pick pieces because you love them, not because they're expensive or look like something you think is trendy. Choose things that make it feel like you're living in this space, not living in a magazine photo. 

Use The Energy Of Your Design Elements

A spiritual home is also about focusing on the energy of each item you bring into your space. One of the things I started doing long before being on a spiritual path was changing the color of my bedroom to match how I wanted to feel. One year I painted my bedroom a bright turquoise because I wanted to feel more expressive. The following year, I painted my bedroom a bright red because I wanted to feel sexier. Eventually I took the time to learn color theory and of course the chakras and began to select colors for every room of my home that represented the energy I wanted to have for that space. My current bathroom is a soft blue to mimic rain and the element of water; water being the element of releasing and cleansing. My bedroom is green so that I can wake up feeling more abundant each day. My office is tan to promote stability and security and my living room is white to promote sincerity, lightness and understanding since that is where people will be when they come over. 

Bringing in certain energies doesn't have to stop at paint color. You can decide the type of energy you wish to have in your home then purposefully look for pieces that promote that energy. Working with the chakras or elements is a great place to start. Say for instance you want to be more abundant (because who doesn't want more money right?). Fill your home with big, expressive plants that represent growth, select big furniture pieces as a symbol of having comfort and stability, and select artwork with images that symbolize your idea of wealth. Only use pieces that make you feel prosperous if wealth is your goal. A great book for decorating with intention is The New Bohemians Handbook by Justina Blakeney.

Honor Your Belongings

And finally, a spiritual home is about honoring your belongings. How you treat your belongings says a lot about how you treat yourself and how you live day to day. A cluttered home usually means a cluttered or chaotic life. When your home is neat and tidy and well kept, it generally means your life is the same way. Treat your items with respect. Don't throw your clothes on the floor or leave dirty dishes. Make sure there is space for energy to flow between and underneath furniture. Dust your home and keep your windows clean and don't forget to water your plants. 

Taking care of your belongings is a sign of respect for the energy that flows through all things. Your home provides you with shelter and comfort. Shouldn't it be acknowledged and cherished? Your home has a vibration just like you and can start to feel heavy or crowded when it isn't consciously appreciated. Be sure to take time every so often to deep clean your home from top to bottom. Clean the walls and vacuum under furniture, open all of the doors and windows (after cleaning them) and let fresh air and light come in for a day. Dust ceiling fans, the tops of shelves and inside your cabinets. Take the time to show care for the thing that keeps you safe and secure.