Setting Energetic Goals For The New Year


It's officially 2018 and most of us have mapped out our resolutions and are already on our way to breaking those resolutions. Not me. I gave up with resolutions years ago, choosing to set "intentions" instead. But let's be real ok? Setting intentions really isn't that different from making resolutions. Setting New Years intentions is just a new aged way to say making resolutions. There it is... I said it. 

So this year, I'm not setting intentions, writing out goals or making resolutions. I'm taking a page out of the Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte, a book we all know and love or should get to know and love. I've decided to focus on how I want to feel for the year instead of trying to figure out a laundry list of goals I'll forget before February 1st. This year, I'm setting what I'm calling an Energetic Goal. 

What is an Energetic Goal exactly? It's a goal that focuses on how you want to feel or what energy you wish to bring to the world this year. It's a commitment to focus on the feelings you wish to have instead of how you want to look, or what you want to do. You focus on finding the things that are aligned with the feeling you want instead of trying to accomplish things that make you feel miserable. Chase the feeling, not things or people or any other goal that you think will make you a better person. 

So what is my NY Energetic Goal? 


I want to feel nourished in all areas of my life this year. This a result of getting sick during the last week of 2017. I realized how neglected I've been about so many parts of my life. I've neglected my self-care, I've neglected having a social life, I've neglected feeling organized, having a space that I truly enjoy, contributing to my community and so on. I've been head down, trying to build my business that everything else kind of just stopped. 

But my business is doing great now. I had steady growth all last year, a trend I hope continues into 2018. I've figured out the nuts and bolts in my business life and that feels pretty darn good. Now it's time to get everything else together. It's time to feed the rest of my life what it needs to grow. I started last night in fact. When I went to bed, my mind was racing with all sorts of ideas and crap that's too busy for sleep. So I actively told myself to "nourish my rest". which to me meant pushing all of that chatter out of my mind. I wanted mental peace and quiet so that I could drift off without the burden of the thought. And you know what? Today I woke up feeling rested and have already accomplished half of my to-do list. 

I plan to continue to find more ways to feel nourished in my life. I want to look around at any area of my life at any one given time and feel content. Of course there will be ups and downs but the big picture, the zoomed out view should always feel good. If I zoom out and see that a part of my life is feeling under the weather, then I'll super zoom in and start setting goals to make some changes. That's my plan for the year... what's yours?