5 Signs That Let Me Know I Was Getting Sick


Some of you might wonder what happened to me and the blog during the last week of the year. Well, I'm kind of wondering that myself. It flew by, not from fun but from sickness. I came down with a severe cold that wasn't quite the flu. Nevertheless, I was in bed, attempting to cough up a lung for 8 days. I didn't get to eat Christmas dinner with my loved ones, I missed all of the after Christmas sales, I even had to take off from my own business for a week. 

I had every intention in making the last week of the year into a productive and festive time but alas, the universe had other plans for me. I wondered "why now"? Why on earth did this have to happen just days after launching The Spirit Guides and in the middle of a very profitable holiday season for Moon Phace Collective? I was ready to charge full steam ahead but I could barely move. I even had my ribs checked out to make sure I hadn't fractured them because they hurt that bad from coughing. 

Sometimes it seems like the universe breaks you down just as you're getting going. You've worked so hard to come to where you are, only to have it swept from right under your feet. Now I wanted to play the victim. I wanted to kick and scream about why I had to sit and recover instead of executing all of the plans I had in store for this blog. Being in bed for 8 days, unable to move gives you a lot of time to think and somewhere around day 5 or 6, I realized exactly why I'd been knocked down at the knees. 

The universe does not punish us or attempt to stop us from succeeding. Quite the opposite actually. Sometimes the universe gives us signs to let us know to slow down and rest. It will let us know how unprepared our bodies are for what we're attempting to do. We need to make some changes if we're going to accomplish our goals. Going after your dreams takes a lot of energy and if you aren't prepared, you'll end up like me; being forced to rest and recover before doing anything else. 

The following are the warning signs I chose to ignore leading up to being sick. I knew exactly what they meant but I was so wrapped up in the things I wanted to accomplish that I completely neglected my self-care. Don't make the same mistake I did. If you're suffering from anything on this list or anything similar, be sure to take a little time to nourish yourself. It's a lot easier to find a couple hours than it is to get behind an entire week. 

1. I'll start with the most obvious... rest. I haven't taken a real day off since the summer and I was completely exhausted. I worked in some way every single day for months and I'd often fall asleep to an ever increasing list of ideas for my business. My mind was on almost 24 hours a day and I could barely sit still without getting some spark of inspiration or a thought to take care of something. On top of that, I was getting up early everyday, 7 days a week and going to bed at late hours of the night despite being completely exhausted. I never gave myself enough time to sleep or to sit still. 

2. The next big sign was my mood. I was having mood swings a lot! I was irritable, annoyed with everyone and constantly feeling bitter about other people who seemed to have everything figured out. I was snapping at people and most times I didn't even know why I was so upset. It just seemed like a bad mood came out of no where. That's because my mind was tired. I was too tired to take care of myself, let alone those who were seeking more of time I didn't have to give. 

3. I procrastinated everything. Sure I worked hard and I got things done but that doesn't mean I did things smoothly. I was unorganized, unprepared and just put things off. Mostly because I was tired and a lot of times, It just seemed like a an overwhelming amount of things to do at any given moment. So everything I did accomplish was last minute and when I was pressed for time and/or resources. Now we all procrastinate from time to time but everyday is a real problem. I didn't want to admit I was tired or overwhelmed so I procrastinated instead which ultimately lead to more work in the long run. 

4. Food stopped tasting good. I was eating out of obligation and so many things that I normally love to eat just tasted like garbage. My appetite was barely around when it came time to eat a meal but I nibbled on junk all day. My tastebuds were becoming numb from snacking and rarely eating anything with any sort of nutritional value. My body didn't have enough nutrients and I felt it. My energy was low, nothing tasted good and I felt like I wanted to crash and burn on a near daily basis. 

5. Frankly, I just didn't feel good in general and instead of paying attention, I kept blindly moving forward. What I really want you to understand is the important of taking time for self-care. Don't force yourself to work or to do anything when you're too tired to think. All of that seems insignificant when you're in bed, truly afraid for your health. It took me so long to recover that I wondered if something more serious were wrong and being that out of control was truly terrifying. Take the break when you need to. Trust me, you'll thank yourself later.