Tarot And The Full Moon

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Every month, I find myself holding ritual for any number of friends and family members. I’ve been doing this for quite some time but it wasn’t until I started to incorporate tarot that I saw people having the best results. I quickly realize the benefit of using tarot and oracle cards as a form of guidance that helps us to see what we need and not necessarily what we want. I’ve found that pulling cards during moon ritual is the perfect vehicle for getting people out of their own way. You are presented with guidance from your higher self and the higher realms that allows you to work on what is needed for you at this time.

What I do is pull a card or cards while asking spirit to show me what is needed. The question is key because it removes your ego from the equation and gives your guides room to give you the thing that will provide you with the most success.


How to use tarot with the moon.

What you’ll need:

  • A deck (either tarot or oracle)

  • A sheet of paper journal

  • A Pen

  • Any crystals you’d like to use during meditation (optional)

  • Candles and Incense (optional)

When you’re ready to begin, sit in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed. Shuffle the cards while repeating the question: “What do I need to release at this time?”

When you’re ready, draw a card or as many cards as you feel you need. I usually draw 1-3 cards. Now turn your card(s) over and take a look at what messages you’ve received. What did you notice first about your cards? Perhaps a certain color or symbol stood out. Maybe there is an affirmation or keyword that caught your eye. Continue to sit with your cards and find things that you are naturally drawn to. If need be, consult the deck’s guidebook before moving on.

Make a decision about what the card(s) are trying to tell you. Once you’ve set your intention, go into meditation, asking your guides to show you what it else it is that you need to know about the cards. Allow them to guide you to what is needed to work on at this time. Sit in meditation for as long as you need to come to your answer. Once you feel as though you have been guided, come out of meditation.

Now, take your piece of paper or journal and based on the information from cards, set an intention to work with during this phase of the moon. For example, If you are pulling a card that represents something that needs to be released during the waning phase of the moon and you selected  a card that represents the element of earth. Because it is something that needs to be released, perhaps you are looking at things through too practical of eyes. You need to let go of the need to constantly be stabled or even rooted. You may need to let go of the fear of leaving the grown which could prevent you from spreading your wings and trying new endeavors.

Be sure to pay attention to your initial feelings of the card(s) as well as the messages received from your meditation. Settle on one thing to release, then write it down on your worksheet. Keep this sheet somewhere in your point of view during the next 2 weeks of the phases of the moon. Being sure to look at it often to remind yourself of the thing that needs to be shed or increased.

This ritual can be done for any phase of the moon. For the New Moon, shift your question to “How can I express myself more?” or “How can I grow more in __________?” No matter which phase you choose, be sure to ask an open ended question without adding too many details or limitations.