Why I Started The Spirit Guides


Hello all and welcome to the first post on The Spirit Guides. 

The Spirit Guides were born out of a few things that didn't sit well with me as a mystic and spiritual teacher. I've felt a need to address some of the things I find to be inauthentic, unrealistic and just flat out wrong in the spiritual community. I've found comfort in, worked in and grew in the spiritual community for many years. At first, the mystics and guides would be my first source for reconnecting with myself and finding other like minded people who were also attempting to fully express themselves. For a time, I thought I'd found my "tribe". I thought I'd finally stumbled upon people who genuinely cared about how their energy showed up in the world. 

Lately, the spiritual community has become a cesspool of jealously, competition, greed, unrealistic expectations, and low vibrations. I've seen friendships break up over pride and watched people being attacked for simply trying to bring their message/service/product to the world, myself being one of those people at times. I've worked for a spiritual company that treated their employees like slaves; throwing unattainable demands at them and cursing them out in front of a room full of people. I've connected with other spiritual "teachers" and "healers" who only wanted to spend hours upon hours, talking about themselves and just how powerful they are. I've worked with people who use their "intuition", their "spirit guides" and their "synchronicities" as justifications for being lazy, rude, unmotivated and failing to show up for their commitments. 

Then of course, there's the endless supply of gurus who throw out their "love and light" and their 30 day "manifestation" fixes. They try to mask the need for deep, soul healing and spiritual work with crystals, "moon magic", mandalas and dreamcatchers. I've seen so many "gurus" defaulting on real life as a means to victimize themselves. Some of us do have some bad luck but there's bad luck and then there's playing the victim card. You can't skip getting a tune up for three years then blame spirit for your car breaking down nor can you make your hardship a claim to being a part of the "journey". 

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As if that weren't enough, I've found myself annoyed by those mystics who believe money or having nice things is somehow beneath them. Finding your path doesn't mean you have to struggle or that the world is forever crashing at your feet. You don't have to stop watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians because you've discovered tarot cards or start buying $300 bamboo jumpsuits to go to a $120 yoga class. There's no vegan makeup requirement or a "denounce your material possessions" prerequisite. You don't have to start making your own coconut yoghurt or take up macrame. It's of course fine if you choose to do those things but none of that makes you spiritual. 

So I've created the Spirit Guides because I've had enough of the inauthenticity. I wanted to find a source for spiritual content based in a real world. I got tired of seeing the unrealistic ideas of meditating for an hour a day or carting all of my crystals out under the moonlight (cuz who da fuck has outdoor space for that?). I'm tired of seeing the law of attraction being pushed as a get rich quick scam. Newsflash, saying affirmations for a week isn't going to change your life. 

The Spirit Guides is an online space where I can share my voice, my experiences and my tools and tricks for real world spirituality. I'm not going to tell you I can get you $1k in 7 days or that rose quartz infused water is going to bring your soul mate knocking on your front door. I am going to tell you that the law of attraction can work, that crystals can heal, that tarot can guide and that ultimately, you are your own healer. All of those things are true when you make a commitment to dig deep, heal your wounds, drop your baggage and do your work. But make no mistake, it takes work and so rarely can spirituality fix your problems in a day. 

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I'm also going to be sharing realistic ways to bring intention and spirituality into your life. I wish I meditated everyday without fail for an hour or that I did a ritual with every moon phase but I don't. I can barely remember to drink water, never mind putting crystals in some; and my thoughts are not running on a positivity loop. I still watch KUWTK, I still wear clothes from Zara, I still eat cheese (OH GASP!), and I still drink wine without feeling like I've polluted my soul. We're all SPIRITUAL beings but we're also HUMAN beings. Finding your path isn't about overcoming your human form. It's about finding the balance between spirit and the physical realm; between ego and the higher self. It's about focusing on your own shit and doing the best that you can. It's never about focusing on everyone else and doing the best you can to beat them. 

I'm a real world spiritual girl attempting to bring real world spirituality to those of you who're looking for it. I'm going to cover a wide variety of topics, all meant to help you marry spirituality and materialism while doing it on limited resources such as money, time or even commitment. You don't have to choose spirituality or materialism and you don't have to beat yourself when your manifestations don't work. Let's fix it together. Spirituality is a lifestyle, not a temporary program and definitely not a trend. There will be ups and downs but that my friends is what the journey is really about. 

If reading this made you excited, motivated or just like you're hearing your thoughts in my words; know you're in the right place and stay tuned.