About Lorriane

Spirituality, mysticism, new ageism and ritual have become an important part of my life. There was a time when I was so depressed and defeated. I was lost in an endless sea of misery when I rediscovered The Secret {a book I’d had for years) and changed my life. Little did I know that seemingly insignificant December morning would be the beginning of my journey as a mystic and spiritual teacher.

Spirituality became my refuge. It was a safe haven for me to be free to express myself and to work through the ups and downs of life. I connected with people, who at the time, I believed to thoughtful, caring, supportive and understanding. For a time, I’d found a genuine sense of belonging and community.

Sadly this dream was short lived and the people I’d come to see as my heros swiftly became competition. I found myself fighting battles I never wanted and having to defend myself for going after things I’d always wanted to do, but never had the courage for. It was sickening to think the people who’re supposed to be the “good guys” were the worst encounters I’d ever had. I felt spirituality had betrayed me. I boxed up my crystals, threw away my sage, ignored my tarot cards and told meditation it could take a hike.

For a year, spirituality played no part in my life. I completely turned my back on something that, for the first time in a long time, made me feel excited about life again. Then one day, I saw a crystal I’d completely forgotten about, tucked away in a corner when I was cleaning. I picked it up and got inspired all over again, in a similar manner to picking up The Secret for the second time. I realized what I had a problem with wasn’t spirituality itself, but the people who used it to justify their cruel actions and misguided intent.

So I embraced spirituality all over again and even started my ritualistic based apothecary… Moon Phace Collective. I propelled myself right back into the spiritual community and started networking with healers, mystics, teachers and makers from all over the world. Sure enough, I ran into the same problems again: competition, jealousy, cruelty, inauthenticity and flat out lies. This time, I knew these people had no affect on my own spirituality. Instead of turning my back on my practice, I set out in search of a more authentic experience. Sadly, I couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. I wanted a place, blog, instagram page, twitter feed, WHATEVER, that made me feel like I could be a mystic but also a real person. I wanted a place where I didn’t feel pressured to always do a moon ritual or feel judged because I’m not vegan. I wanted something trendy and real; transformative but also realistic. I wasn’t going to wait for someone to figure it out so I created The Spirit Guides so that I can bring it to the world.